Frequently asked Questions

What is healthbase?

Healthbase is a concept that uses blockchain technology and contemporary information technology to substantially improve healthcare research and healthcare itself.

What does healthbase do?

healthbase solves the problem of health-related data being scattered across a multitude of platforms and devices, to the point of rendering it useless in some cases. healthbase will gather all health-related data, aggregate it and then provide easy but secure access to it. Researchers can buy this high-quality, anonymized data and the payment will be divided amongst the individuals owning the data, the care providers that collected it, as well as the healthbase organization. Care providers can use the data to improve therapies.

How is the health-related data gathered by healthbase?

healthbase provides both care providers and individuals with compelling software applications to gather data from medical practices as well as smartphones.

How does healthbase protect my privacy and keep my information secure?

Security and privacy are just as important to us as they are to you. The healthbase concept implements a combination of encryption and access logging via a public blockchain.
Regarding the option to share your data with researchers and other third parties, you always have full control over this, anytime being able to grant and withdraw access rights. Most importantly, all your data is anonymized before others can access it, so that you can never be identified.

What kind of Blockchain will be used in healthbase?

At the moment we only know that Ethereum will be involved, but further details are still in active development.